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I can design my own dress?
Yes, you can make an appointment with one of our pattern-making as the design that dream.

They are copies of brand clothes?
No, our own original designs are developed by our team of design and pattern.

They have second hand clothes?
Not at all Kotosh is made to order and as therefore each dress is new and unique.

They have dresses in stock?
No, the dresses are made to measure and order.

All cancan dresses are included in the price?
So, in Kotosh always want you to know what you buy no last minute surprises. If your dress has cancan for its style and cut, we'll provide it without paying more for it.

What materials are used?
All our materials are chosen with great care for the garment making will be exquisite, so from lace yarns to always have a high quality, which make them beautiful and very durable.

For my dress has no tags?
The dresses made by Kotosh not labeled, because it was made by hand and as thus are not made in series and have no standard sizes, in strict compliance with the rules contained in Article 2 of Regulation (EU) 1007/2011 repealing Directive 73/44/EEC, 2008/121/EC Council and the European Parliament.

What is my size?
Kothos not have standard sizes so you must measure yourself by following the instructions in the video, so that your dress can be made to order.

Carving the models used in the photos?
The models use a standard size 38, have not been made to your measurements, remember that the dresses that look are part of our collection and are not for sale.

I need bra on dresses?
In 90% of our clothes are not required to be lined bra and armed inside with whales and rods, which maintain and enhance the female breast.
Remember that by taking action, you should always use the same type of underwear so that these do not vary.

What is the time of making the dresses?
The standard production time is 8 weeks and 4 for bridal party, from the definitive measures.
Remember that you also have to add up to 5 working days of transportation and delivery.

How to take care of my dress?
To keep your dress in good condition should follow the instructions marked on the envelope attached to your dress.
However, you should bear in mind that 90% of our models require dry cleaning for minimum deterioration of fabrics and details.


What guarantees does my purchase?
Check our purchase conditions

You ship outside of Spain?
Yes, please contact us for more information on our formulary.

I can have a dress in less time than stated?
Yes, the Express dress at your fingertips and can be made in 10 days, with an extra 10% on the value of the dress. To do so please contact us via our form

Kotosh issues bills?
If, in your order must tell us the details of the person or company who should be billed. The document will be sent with your order.

What forms of payment that supports Kotosh?
In store you can pay by cash or card.
On the web you can pay by PayPal, credit card, bank transfer.

Sell ​​Kotosh wholesale?
YES, please contact us and we will tell you how to operate or go to our contact form.

As shipped my purchase?
All orders are shipped by specialized transport company, with consideration delicate delivery. The cost of transportation has no impact to the customer, ie the product price is final price.

What is the status of my order?
To find out what stage your order you should consult your user account where you can make up your purchase.


I forgot my password I can do?

Go to "My Account" section of "I AM CLIENT" in the section on "Forgot your password", we will send you a new one.

How to change my user account?
Go to "My Account" section modify account.
Why did not I receive emails sent me Kotosh & co?
It is possible that if the message is in your mailbox, but in the spam folder.
Please check it and sure señálanos as email, that does not happen again.
If you have not received definitely our message, please contact us through our form and send it to you again.


Who will see me in the store?
In our showroom you will always attended by one of our pattern makers, and that is who trace cuts making your dress and not a dressmaker, since all our dresses are made to measure.

When I can visit the showroom Kotosh?
To visit you must make an appointment, or through our contact form, by leaving a message or a phone number, or call our shop phone (+34)918 707 536.

If I have an appointment to visit Kotosh, few models I can prove?
To test the system agile can choose up to five dresses, which you have prepared for the day of the test.

I can test many visits do show room?
You can come whenever you want, by appointment, we will be happy to assist.
Once you have chosen your dress You get two additional tests to see if any adjustments are needed.
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